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Franchise Karoly Kurtoskalacs

Franchise contract

- Purpose of the grant consists of factory brand Kurtoskalacs Karoly, along with technical assistance and all knowledge necessary for its operation. Knowledge transmitted can have both industrial and commercial nature as in the pursuit of its franchise may be beneficial both as producer and distributor.
- To carry out the contract, the franchisor must provide it or elements of engineering partner and know-how, planning and organization of enterprise marketing elements including the methods, means and techniques of marketing the product or service, and facilities for professional training of personnel. Franchisor is required to provide technical assistance for the entire duration of the contract the franchise going.


- The beneficiary has the advantage of a franchise to operate a mark of prestige, and to enter a competitive market using production techniques, improved sales and marketing time, and high profitability.
- The most important advantage of buying a product franchise famous.
- Start-up business, an enterprising capital resources are quite limited. Loan funds capacities of entrepreneurs are usually very low. Therefore, forming a relationship with the franchise business allows a franchisee candidate to improve their ability to obtain financial assistance.

Legal Framework

Franchisor is a trader:
- Holds rights to the trademarks, provided that rights are exercised on a length at least equal to the duration of the franchise;
- Gives the right to operate or develop a business, product, technology or service;
- Provide initial training for the operation of a beneficiary registered trademark;
- Using staff and financial resources to promote its brand, research and innovation, providing product development and sustainability.

Beneficiary is a trader, individual or company, selected by the franchisor, which adhere to the principle of homogeneity franchise network, as defined by the franchisor.

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